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Internet presence  is everything!

If you're wondering whether you need a presence on the internet, you're not alone. If you're struggling to make sense of the various options, welcome to the club. Thousands of people, organisations and businesses are in the same situation. That's what this page is for -- to help you understand the possibilities and make the right decision.


Do I Need A Website?


Generally speaking, you should have a website if any of these criteria apply to you:


  • You would like to provide information about your business/organization to the public.

  • You would like people to have a good chance of finding you on the internet.

  • You would like your business/organization to have a professional image.

  • You would like to sell goods or services over the internet.

Sherrens have now partnered with Dorset Digital Solutions to provide top quality website design!


This means you can come to us for ALL your business requirements. We always deliver a high standard of work whilst maintaining a fast turnaround.


Our doors are always open and we're happy to work  with you to make sure the final product is to your expectations or higher!


Get in contact and our web designers will either work from scratch or use a desired contents management system you might want



We will send you a semi working prototype via a domain held by us (we can supply a digital copy .jpg if required).

Once you have checked all the content,

you can send us a reply and we will

start the full build.



We keep all backups on our

secure server so any future

edits, or updates are

super fast and simple.