About Sherrens The Printers

In 2011 business partners Andy Sharpe and Clive Garman took over the successful Weymouth print company, Sherrens. Having dedicated their careers solely to printing, Andy and Clive are keen to maintain the Sherrens brand and have embraced the ever evolving technology of the 21st century.


In addition to the more general printing processes, holographic foiling and embossing techniques have been added to the range, offering customers even more products and finishes.


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History of Sherrens The Printers

The print processes that are taken for granted today are very different from manual hand setting, which was the only known method in 1837

when the company was founded. At the age of twenty-four, James Sherren set up the 'Sherren & Son' print house, having begun his career as an apprentice for another Weymouth printer.


Technology moved Sherrens away from the traditional method of hand setting,

which was extremely labour intensive, to the mechanical typesetting system. Having won numerous high profile contracts, including exclusive rights to print "The Weymouth Holiday Guide" from 1927 until the outbreak of WW2 in 1939,


Sherrens had spent over a century at the forefront of the printing trade in Weymouth. The Sherrens flag is still flying - Andy and Clive are delighted that they were able to preserve a company with such a rich history, and look forward to putting their unique stamp on a thriving local brand.